The Difference Between Object and Myth

Helmet JugendstilUnexpected Custom is a prestigious Italian brand in the world of customizing.

We feature "applied" works of art and bring together under our own name, a collaboration and artistic force of designers, architects, illustrators, painters.

It is a young brand but has already won the respect and the approbation of many fans and experts in the "Kustom" sector.

Harley Davidson Electra Glide Czar"Made in Italy" for Unexpected Custom is a "must", enhancing the rich Italian and European history of culture and handicraft.

We are fighting the trend towards the "low quality" mass production typical of modern industrial manufacturing.

Our client receives a final product of high quality craftsmanship, with exclusive and personalized service that will satisfy your desire to participate in the "Myth".

In Primo Piano

SPECIAL BIKE "THE SNAKE" Harley Davidson Dyna The Snake

Produced in cooperation with the "Motorcycle Clinic" workshop: tanks and fenders completely covered in gold leaf with subsequent applications in silver leaf. Airbrushed with metallic and glass color.

Vouchers, Gift Certificates Kustom Art & Design

Unexpected Custom offers to all those who want to give one of our custom helmets, or a special "customization" for a tank or a complete bike, the original solution, always appreciated by those who receive: the Voucher.

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"New Vintage #1" Casco Custom Aerografato

Elegant and retro is the feature of this helmet with a classic design.

Worked with a special "marble" technique effect and airbrushed with "sparkle" and "metal flake" colors.

Made on a helmet Bell RT.

BIKE IN BLACK Casco Custom Aerografato

Unexpected Custom e Bike in Black Garage hanno stretto una partnership importante per offrire servizi sempre più di alto livello nelle customizzazini e nella creazione di "Special Bikes" accurate e preziose in ogni loro dettaglio sia meccanico che estetico.

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Cyril Huze Cyril Huze

Cyril Huze, experienced manufacturer of worldwide great reputation, appreciates our work in an article on his blog / magazine.

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Tank "OLD SCHOOL n°1" Custom Tank Old School

Old School n°1Custom chopper tank covered with three layers of metal flake in different sizes.
Airbrushed with opaque, "kandy", "sparkle colors" and 24 carat gold.

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Custom Helmet "EL MAYA" Custom Airbrushed Helmet - El Maya

The rich and luxurious design of this original helmet is inspired by the typical signs of the Mayan writing.

Airbrushed on a lid entirely in gold leaf laminated.

Artists & Designers

Artists, designers, illustrators and photographers whose experience takes advantage of decades of work, education, and international success in the artistic, advertising and design world.

Unexpected Custom, thanks to a team of artists from very different aesthetic forms and expressions together.
We can create and offer artworks of great value, able to impress thanks to their originality and uniqueness of each of their artistic oestrus of the authors.

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Experience and operational skills in the methodology of graphic design, knowledge techniques of the representation's theory and physiology of perceptual phenomena are the essential ingredients that allow us to design and implement our customization.


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