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design worked on helmet " DMD Vintage "


Luxurious and original design inspired by the evocative Maya writing.

The ideographs and Mayan symbols are expertly mixed to the sinuous lines of the flame: icon of contemporary biker world, reinterpreted with this unusual combination that creates a refined and elegant aesthetic short circuit.

Made with airbrushed special colors for glass on a complete metal lamination.

The artistic work of this custom helmet is particularly bright and elegant through the use of our special colors for glass that, airbrushed on the in gold leaf surface, offer a rich range of bronze colors and shades.

The realization of the middle lettering is obtained with a airbrushed marbled texture that enriches the customization of this design.


backgroundCracked Metal      View background info
designMaya      View design info
finishGlossy finish


Gold leaf, airbrush, special colors for glass.




51 working days



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Calculate the total achievent cost of this design on helmets, on the tanks that we supply or the cost on motorcycle's parts.

achievement cost of this design on a helmet

Choose a model to calculate the complete cost with the helmet For dimensions, characteristics and helmets details visit the page:
Models & Brands

achievement cost of this design on a gastank
If you send us your tank, the cost is indicated by selecting PROVIDED.

If you want to buy a new tank, supplied by us,choose here the tank type to calculate the cost of complete finished work including the tank.
For dimensions, characteristics and gastank details visit the page:
Gastank Types

indicative achievement costs on motorbikes parts
The approximate achievement cost for the complete bike customization refers to the intervention on parts supplied by the customer.
To complete bike, generally, referring to the artistic intervention on gastank and two fenders (front and rear).
For bikes with the highest number of pieces or special requests please contact us.


maya maya maya maya maya maya maya maya

Other helmets processed on the background "Cracked Metal"

Available accessories

goggle nannini biker
Goggle Biker

It is an evolution of custom model. biker takes advantage of new manufacturing processes that allow to mount cylindrical lenses for a perfect vision in any direction.

goggle nannini streetfighter
Goggle Streetfighter

The most modern and aggressively styled of our motorcycle goggles created with an adjustable fork allowing them to be worn over the helmet.

goggle nannini custom
Goggle Custom

The classic motorcycle goggles with features angled lenses in a current remake of this famous model of the first world war.

goggle nannini TT
Goggle TT

1960’s design and drop-shaped lenses get an update in this new model with smooth rounded lines. This is Nannini’s first model with spherical lenses resulting in a charming mix of classic and modern styling.

Mirror Full Face Visor DMD
Visor Mirror

The Full Face Visor completely covers the face. Excellent for long trips and for shelter from the weather. Easy to use thanks to the automatic clips. Ideal for not invade the decorated parts of our helmets.

Transparet Full Face Visor DMD
Visor Clear

The Full Face Visor completely covers the face. Excellent for long trips and for shelter from the weather. Easy to use thanks to the automatic clips. Ideal for not "invade" the decorated parts of our helmets.

Motorcycle goggles with elastic leather
Visor Goggle Clear

Goggles with retrò elastic leather, practical and comfortable. Great for having the advantages of a helmet fitted with a visor and having a helmet completely open and free.

helmets wax extra
Wax Extra

Extra fine wax. Excellent to polish and brighten the surface of our own helmets. Gives a deep high gloss. Not dirty seals and porous plastic parts.

Fumé Full Face Visor DMD
Visor Fumé

The Full Face Visor completely covers the face. Excellent for long trips and for shelter from the weather. Easy to use thanks to the automatic clips. Ideal for not invade the decorated parts of our helmets.

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Experience and operational skills in the methodology of graphic design, knowledge techniques of the representation's theory and physiology of perceptual phenomena are the essential ingredients that allow us to design and implement our customization.

how to order

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