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Unexpected Custom
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Atelier Unexpected Custom - Luxury Art Design

Luxury Fashion Art Design Collection

Our Exclusive Designs

Our designs are made by the use of various techniques in several overlapping layers and artistic interventions.

Precious artistic works that differ from most of the creations of the "Kustom" world for the complexity and the technical difficulty of execution.

We fight the usual philosophy that thinks customizations as simple airbrush added to the helmet's lid or on motorcycle's parts surface.

N.B.: All steps are painted and airbrushed by our artists through the development of the most refined artistic techniques and are not used illustrations decals or stickers.

Different levels and distinct layers are required for the processing of our artistic creations. So we can list: BACKGROUND & BASIS , DESIGN , EXTRA INTERVENTIONS , FINISH.

Backgrounds & Basis

Unexpected Custom Background BasisThe "Backgrounds & Basis" are the preparatory works and artistic techniques useful to the realization of the final design. Every surface must be prepared with gripping, resins and special colors to ensure the perfect execution of artistic design. Starting from the flat colors to the most complex processes in metallic leaf we propose, for this phase, different aesthetic solutions.


Unexpected Custom DesignThe "Design" is the part that constitutes the real drawing of artistic achievement: the infinite possibilities of pictorial compositions, the use of transparent colors, metallic and sparkle colors, etc. overlap with the previous basic work creating beautiful reflections, textures and endless possibilities of chromatic combinations.

Extra Interventions

Unexpected Custom Extra InterventionsAfter completing the steps of artistic achievement we can perform further interventions that increased the aesthetic rate value and composition of our design.
We classify these "Interventions Extra" in three different types:

  • Lettering and illustrations such as figures, names, initials, logos, etc. and designs such as pinups and illustrations.
  • Inlays and friezes made in additional metallic gold, silver or copper leaf.
  • Applications of metal studs in gold, silver or bronze plating and applications of original pure SWAROVSKI crystals.


The final finish, mirror polished or matt satin, it is crucial to enhance the brilliance of the colors and for the protection of artistic achievement.

To ensure a high quality end our creations are subject to multiple layers of final catalyzed glazing in oven.

The number of final layers are generally three, but for some more complex design are provided more layers, to ensure a perfect homogeneous and smooth finish, avoiding in this way the "orange peel" effect typical of the poor value works.


Unexpected Custom Luxury Design Sample 1.Background Basis
FULL METAL in gold leaf
FRACTAL SPIRALS achieved with metallic and red glass colors
3.Extra Intervention
COBRA, ROSES and SIDES achieved ​​with additional silver leaf inlays.
HIGH GLOSSY in 5 layers
Unexpected Custom Luxury Design Sample 1.Background Basis
OLD METAL SHEET in silver leaf
3.Extra Intervention
Hand painted PIN-UP.
Unexpected Custom Luxury Design Sample 1.Background Basis
3.Extra Intervention
BRASS STUDS application
HIGH GLOSSY in 3 layers


The special techniques shown on our website are the result of the study of our artists staff that deals, in addition of aesthetic and artistic works, even of the chemical materials testing.

Most colors, glazes, glues and materials are mixed by us whose composition is kept in secret and not disclosed.

Artistic techniques developed, the materials, as well as the designs are our property and covered by copyright.

Copies and reproductions are legally punishable by law.


In the DESIGN BASE section are listed the artistic backgrounds on which are achieved our designs : from flat colors until more complex and sophisticated laminations in metallic leaf.

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