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Berkel's 120 years

"A Slice Odissey": with a bit of irony was named the exhibition dedicated to the 120 years of Berkel.

The place chosen for the exhibition is the National Museum of Science and Technology in Milan where the works exhibited along a chronological path evoke upcoming or old memories between lights, music and video.

For more info visit the site: UNEXPECTED CUSTOM for BERKEL

animation wie viele bist du intro yonah roman padiwy

drawings in animation for the cinematography

The intro of the film
"Wie viele bist du?"
designed by Yonah

film wieviele bist du trailer-roam-padiwy

Wie Viele Bist Du?

A Roman Padiwy's film. Unexpected Custom participated in the creation of graphics, special effects and special bikes.

visionnaire anniversary andy bluvertigo

Visionnaire Anniversary

A visionary experience conceived and created by Andy in collaboration with the artists of Unexpecetd Custom and an exceptional musicians and dancers staff.

berkel unexpected custom museo scienza milano

Berkel's 120 years

The special collection by Unexpected-Custom
6 B114 flywheels slicers. 120 years interpreted in six exclusive artworks: one for every twenty years.

berkel unexpected custom 120 anni

Berkel's 120 years

Unexpected Custom celebrates Berkel's 120 years.
An editorial signed by Rai on the exhibition at the National Museum of Science and Technology in Milan.

johan muyle unexpected custom rebel

Now Futur by Johan Myule at Rebel Rebel

The Belgian artist Johan Muyle presents his art and "Now Futur": the special artwork motorbike exhibited at the Rebel Rebel event at the Museum of Contemporary Arts in Mons.

johan muyle

Unexpected Custom's Artwork at RTBF

Unexpected Custom in an editorial about the custom world on the Belgian broadcast RTBF.

berkel unexpected custom host 2015

Berkel & Unexpected Custom at Host 2015

The sense of tradition of an historical brand, united with the avant garde aestetic's of Unexpected Custom give a product with elegance, uniqueness and style.

jeffrey levinson

Fashionably Famous by Jeffrey Levinson

The American designer, Jeffrey Levinson, presents his famous pochettes at his Philadelphia showroom.

swiss harley days lugano

Swiss Harley Days Lugano 2017

A reportage of the Swiss Harley European Days 2017 Lugano meeting where our special bikes received the admiration and consensus of the numerous participants.

versace fahion helmet unexpected custom

Versace Fashion Show 2014-15

January 14th 2014: Versace Men's Fall/Winter 2014-2015 Fashion Show. The Unexpected Custom's helmets parade on the Milan high fashion catwalk.

versace backstage helmet unexpected custom

Versace Fashion Show Backstage

Behind the scenes of the famous Milan fashion brand.

studiodan 3d

Studiodan Showreel

An overview of the "digital sculpting" projects and the 3D realisations by Studiodan.

yonah giorgio upiglio

Giorgio Upiglio & Yonah

The art printer and publisher Giorgio Upiglio illustrates his art and the printing process of the "Der Turm von Babel" etching by Yonah in his historic atelier in Milan.

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