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Backgrounds & Basis

Backgrounds and special techniques for our designs

Our artworks require a basic preparation before proceeding with airbrush, paint and other special techniques.

In this section are listed the artistic Basis and Backgrounds on which are achieved our designs : from flat colors until more complex and sophisticated laminations in gold leaf.

These preliminaries artistic interventions are indispensable to obtain the wealth of shades, brightness and the artistic value of our creations.

The marble effects in metallic leaf, cracked, rusted etc. offer a wide choice of background for our design and are a interesting visual impact without further artistic interventions.

24 carat gold leaf

24K Gold

The queen of the gilding: the gold leaf lamination is achieved with the traditional laying with very thin and impalpable sheets of 24 carat gold. The processing of this technique make the surface completely covered in shiny and reflective metal.

silver leaf 999

999 Silver

Because of the beauty and gloss of this precious metal, since ancient times, it was used for coins, cutlery, pots, jewelery and more. The silver ingots that are on the market are normally 999/1000.

Brushed Iron

This special processing technique realize the characteristic brushed metal effect.

cracked gold leaf

Cracked Metal

Special processing of the metal leaf characterized by cracked and antiqued effect.

flat spot colors base black white

Flat color

Spot colors are the basis for all work and artistic execution. Every surface prepared for airbrush, paint or for metal leaf laminations is generally prepared with flat colors black or white.

gold silver copper metallic leaf

Full Metal

The metal leaf lamination is achieved with the traditional layng with thin sheets of gold, silver or copper. The processing of this technique make the surface completely covered in shiny and reflective metal.

silver granite stone marble


The special granite stone effect is worked with ​​of a very complex technique that exploits the "repulsion" between glucose and nitro solvent.

metal flake

Metal Flake

The metal flake artistic technique, thanks to its extreme shine and luster, is par excellence the style icon of the 70s old school custom-style achievements.

metallic marble gold silver copper

Metal Marble

The marbled effect is a special technique obtained by mixing different metals in different degrees of oxidization.

petra stone


From nature is inspired this evocative and original creation by the material effect. Entirely built with special catalyzed plastics and finished with scouring powder assumes a three-dimensional texture by the neutral and natural shades.

metallic leaf rusted iron oxidized copper

Rusted Metal

This special technique reproduces, thanks to the particular processing, the effect of the rusted and oxidized metal.
This artwork is ideal for creating 'grunge' backgrounds and aggressive 'lived-taste' designs


The special techniques shown on our website are the result of the study of our artists staff that deals, in addition of aesthetic and artistic works, even of the chemical materials testing.

Most colors, glazes, glues and materials are mixed by us whose composition is kept in secret and not disclosed.

Artistic techniques developed, the materials, as well as the designs are our property and covered by copyright.

Copies and reproductions are legally punishable by law.


casco aerografo design

In the DESIGNS section are listed the designs and the decorative patterns designed, planned and manufactured exclusively by our artists.

Metallic, iridescent and sparkle colors are often mixed with metal powders or special additives that make the final result full of brilliant reflections and hues richness.

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