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airbrush design gasmask
airbrush design gasmask airbrush design gasmask airbrush design gasmask airbrush design gasmask airbrush design gasmask

Design "Gasmask 2"

On a base of oxidized metal stands the formula of Hydrogen Cyanide: the famous Zyklon-B.

On its sides there are two skulls and a gasmask.

Few or almost nonexistent ornamental traces: the subject's drama does not allow space for any decorations.
Only tragedy and fear matter as companions and sisters.
As Baudelaire said "... death and debauchery are two lovable bitches".

This is a design that synthesise content and formal execution thoghether.
If we looking for a reference this it would be Rembrandt, the artist who knew how to make the print a true expressive technique instead of an illustrative exercise.

The meaning consists in the transformation of object the into a memento mori, the artist who created the design Gasmask 2 addresses his tought directly to those responsible for the horrors of the twentieth century, the armies and their follies.

All historians and critics have always wondered what differentiates a work of art from any other object and the answer has always been the presence of a meaning beyond itself: a content and a form.
The artwork's value is given by the overlap of this two elements.

Here the meaning is the drama, the incision is raw and scratchy; this is the tangible proof of being in front of a real artwork.

artworks executed with this design


The special techniques shown on our website are the result of the study of our artists staff that deals, in addition of aesthetic and artistic works, even of the chemical materials testing.

Most colors, glazes, glues and materials are mixed by us whose composition is kept in secret and not disclosed.

Artistic techniques developed, the materials, as well as the designs are our property and covered by copyright.

Copies and reproductions are legally punishable by law.


In the DESIGN BASE section are listed the artistic backgrounds on which are achieved our designs : from flat colors until more complex and sophisticated laminations in metallic leaf.

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