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design Steel Garage
design Steel Garage design Steel Garage design Steel Garage design Steel Garage design Steel Garage

Design "Steel Garage 2"

The world of workshops and custom engine is interpreted and brought in our artworks with the distinctive design of the 'knurled steel'.

In our version the steel sheet parts are lined with elegant coupled threads.

The three-dimensional effect is emphasized by the 'grunge' airbrushing manner.

The composition of this design is planned with a large round shape ideal to place and framing subsequent pictorial interventions as pinups, logos, names and illustrations.

artworks executed with this design


The special techniques shown on our website are the result of the study of our artists staff that deals, in addition of aesthetic and artistic works, even of the chemical materials testing.

Most colors, glazes, glues and materials are mixed by us whose composition is kept in secret and not disclosed.

Artistic techniques developed, the materials, as well as the designs are our property and covered by copyright.

Copies and reproductions are legally punishable by law.


In the DESIGN BASE section are listed the artistic backgrounds on which are achieved our designs : from flat colors until more complex and sophisticated laminations in metallic leaf.

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