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harley davidson v-rod roi soleil


design worked on Harley-Davidson V-rod

The artistic composition of the “Le Roi Soleil” design is inspired by the “Grille Royale” of Versailles.
The decorative and symbolic elements, that compose the famous grating, are reproduced in an unusual and refined stylistic research.

Unmistakable are the symbols of the royal kingdom of King Louis XIV known as the “Sun King”: the personal crown of the monarch, The scepter of the "Main de Justice" and the famous “Fleur-de-Lys": the heraldic figure of the lily, that in Medieval France, assumes the sense of emblem of royalty and distinguishes the Real blasone.


Motorcycle parts entirely laminated in silver leaf.
Painting interventions in pure (nacre) mother-of-pearl.
Airbrushing in opaque colours and special pigments for glass.
3D sculpting.
Swarovski brass studs.

harley davidson v-rod roi soleil harley davidson v-rod roi soleil


Artistic intervention code : 000290

Art techiques :
silver leaf, genuine nacre powder, transparent glass colours, 3D elements, Swarovski studs.

Intervention details :

background : Full Metal
design : Versailles
extra 1 : ---
extra 2 : no. 2 bas-reliefs 3D
extra 3 : Swarovski Studs
finish : Glossy finish

Processing time :
67 hours of artistic work on helmet
140 hours of artistic work on tank
225 hours of artistic work on motorbike set (3 pcs.)

Delivery time :
22 working days for one helmet
41 working days for one gastank
63 working days for a motorbike set (3 pcs.)

The delivery times are approximate and they are calculated based on the manufacturing and artistic processes, drying and testing times, and the processing orders currently scheduled.

3D roi soleil
3D roi soleil
3D roi soleil 3D roi soleil
3D roi soleil 3D roi soleil
3D roi soleil


Before proceeding with silver laminating, war carried out the preliminary basic preparations such as alterations of the original shapes, plasterings, special silver plating preparation, etc.
The artistic execution is been made on 7 motorcycle's parts: tank cover, rear fender, front lamp and the holder, small front fender, two side radiator's shells.


Located in the center of the refined rays on the tank and at the end of the rear fender, to enrich and embellish the artistic composition, are achieved two three-dimensional bas-relief depicting the face of the famous sovereign.
Three-dimensional modeling was carried out by the Studio Dan ; after a careful reconstruction of the bas-relief, placed on the rich Versailles railing, several prototypes were built to integrate into the structure of the bike's parts.


The sophisticated special bike LE ROI SOLEIL was exhibited at the Casinò di Lugano at the 26th European H.O.G - SWISS HARLEY DAYS 2017 Where it has received great interest and the amazing approval of many bikers and collectors.


3D roi soleil 3D roi soleil 3D roi soleil


harley davidson v-rod roi soleil

Prices and costs

Motorbike parts customizing

Gas tank :3.768

Motorbike's parts 2 pcs. :4.972

Motorbike's parts 3 pcs. :6.003

Motorbike's parts 4 pcs. :6.863

Motorbike's parts 5 pcs. :7.378

Motorbike's parts 6 pcs. :7.894

Prices indicate the cost of artistic execution on the parts provided by the customer such as gas tank, rear and front fender, oil tank, etc.


Gas tank + 1 fender = 2 pcs.
Gas tank + 2 fenders = 3 pcs.
Gas tank + 2 fenders + oil tank = 4 pcs.


how to order

Do you want order an artwork executed on your tank or on motorcycle's parts?
Click here and follow the instructions on the page.

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