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airbrush custom helmet gasmask


design worked on Torx Wyatt

On a base of oxidized metal stands the formula of Hydrogen Cyanide: the famous Zyklon-B.

On its sides there are two skulls and a gasmask.

Few or almost nonexistent ornamental traces: the subject's drama does not allow space for any decorations.
Only tragedy and fear matter as companions and sisters.
As Baudelaire said "... death and debauchery are two lovable bitches".

This is a design that synthesise content and formal execution thoghether.
If we looking for a reference this it would be Rembrandt, the artist who knew how to make the print a true expressive technique instead of an illustrative exercise.

The meaning consists in the transformation of object the into a memento mori, the artist who created the design Gasmask 2 addresses his tought directly to those responsible for the horrors of the twentieth century, the armies and their follies.

All historians and critics have always wondered what differentiates a work of art from any other object and the answer has always been the presence of a meaning beyond itself: a content and a form.
The artwork's value is given by the overlap of this two elements.

Here the meaning is the drama, the incision is raw and scratchy; this is the tangible proof of being in front of a real artwork.

This dramatic and aggressive subject has been realized on the helmet completely laminated in copper leaf and enriched by pictorial interventions that simulate the lived effect of the oxidized sheets.

The artistic execution use the drypoint engraving technique added with the use of graphite and other special techniques.

Several layers of tone-on-tone airbrushed bronzes shades and the matt satin finish are combined to create the interesting range of bronze and copper warm shades.

airbrush custom helmet gasmask airbrush custom helmet gasmask airbrush custom helmet gasmask airbrush custom helmet gasmask airbrush custom helmet gasmask airbrush custom helmet gasmask airbrush custom helmet gasmask airbrush custom helmet gasmask airbrush custom helmet gasmask


Artistic intervention code : 000283

Art techiques :
Copper leaf, engraving, graphite, special techniques, airbrush.

Intervention details :

background : Full Metal
design : Gasmask 2
extra 1 : ---
extra 2 : ---
extra 3 : ---
finish : Matt finish

Processing time :
32 hours of artistic work on helmet
67 hours of artistic work on tank
112 hours of artistic work on motorbike set (3 pcs.)

Delivery time :
36 working days for one helmet
37 working days for one gastank
54 working days for a motorbike set (3 pcs.)

The delivery times are approximate and they are calculated based on the manufacturing and artistic processes, drying and testing times, and the processing orders currently scheduled.


Prices and costs

Custom helmets

Torx Wyatt : 1.779

Biltwell Bonanza : 1.846

DMD Vintage : 1.839

Bell Custom 500 : 1.901

Premier U9 : 1.944

Bell Bullitt : 2.539

The prices indicate the total cost including the helmet by us provided.

For more information about the helmets that which we propose, please visit the page Brand & Models

Motorbike parts customizing

Gas tank :3.555

Motorbike's parts 2 pcs. :4.909

Motorbike's parts 3 pcs. :5.925

Motorbike's parts 4 pcs. :6.940

Prices indicate the cost of artistic execution on the parts provided by the customer such as gas tank, rear and front fender, oil tank, etc.


Gas tank + 1 fender = 2 pcs.
Gas tank + 2 fenders = 3 pcs.
Gas tank + 2 fenders + oil tank = 4 pcs.


how to order

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