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Artists & Designers

A exceptional professionists staff

Artists, designers, illustrators, whose experience takes advantage of works decades, education, and international success in the artistic, advertising and design sector.

Unexpected Custom, thanks to a team of artists from very different aesthetic forms and expressions together, can create and offer artworks of great value, able to impress thanks to their originality and uniqueness of each of their artistic oestrus of the authors.

Cinzia Masetti

Visual designer See visually is limited as not to see at all.
Unlearning to use patterns of depriving comfort dictated by the visual clichés, stereotypes aesthetic, it keeps track of that essence that evokes associations, creates emotional reactions.
Optical visual-communication has no boundaries. Can convey an emotional level feelings and ideas in a more extensive and thorough than any other means of communication.


Artist, Art Historian ..with the ship of the fools start and cross the forest of the symbols, where it's nice to get lost.
Knowing that the center of the labyrinth is the tree of life: on top the death. And from there start again in a light that is ambiguous, crystalline conjunction of moon and sun (so human in the fingers of the demiurge - Gothic Androgin).
So the macabre dance proceeds through palpitating bodies ramifications, penetrating the complex architectures of inside (Perspective: the inebriated pupil's metronome).


Painter, Musicians He strengthens his vivid painting code throughout the years and applies it on design objects, fabrics, musical instruments... beside canvas, developing a widely international career through the exposition of his work in individual and group art exhibitions that give him a very international exposure and lead him to work for brands such as Coveri, Carlsberg, Iceberg, Redbull, Fiat, Nodis, Too Late, Uki, Valtour, etc.
Andy's also an eclectic musician: he co-founds a band called "Bluvertigo" in the early 90s, where he composes, plays saxophones, synths, keyboards and sings background vocals in all three albums.

Antonio Galluzzi

Artist, Philosopher Galluzzi after frequenting the academy of Belle Arti in Brera, has numerous exhibitions of his work both personal and collective.
In 1993 he founded togheter with Franco a group called Interzone, under that pseudnoym his art was wildly exsposed nationally and internationally.
He was able to continuosly find original veins of expression that captured artistic interest.
Some of their Art Video work is beeing aired on various important television networks.

Fabio Dal Molin

Painter, 3D Sculptor Art Director, Professional Painter and digital sculptor, who specializes in Statue collection design for the Toy and Collectibles Industries.
Born and raised in Italy, Fabio Dal Molin developed a great interest for drawing, art and traditional painting.
Graduated from Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, in Milan, 1992.

Rodolo De Bernardi

Architect, 3D Sculptor Having a strong background in art, he handles different aspects of production, concept, modelling 3D and development.
Graduated in Architecture from Polytechnic University of Milan. Teacher of digital technologies and visual communication at the Polytechnic.
He collaborated with architectural studies for urban project, lighting, interior and exterior.

Pierluigi Fossa

Photographer The mind imagines, the eye observes and the light shapes. Otherwise just a pinhole.
You can't be part of the photography world and not see it as a visionary expression of the reality, dictated primarily by the ability to observe what surrounds us with a special look.
Little movements of your point of view, a glimmer of light that suddenly changes direction drawing something not seen are elements that can make a photograph a work of art or a common reproduction.


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