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vintage baroque


design worked on Harley-Davidson Softail

The Vintage Baroque 3 design is characterised by a strong expressive and decorative aesthetic value and it’s able to elevate the object to an elegant, virtuous and refined jewel in baroque connotations.

The floral forms of seventeenth-century art, interpreted in the typical decorations of which art nouveau is rich, are coupled with the sharp lines of the “scallops” which give a smooth “vintage taste” and enhance the shape of the artwork.

Emerging from the background, thanks to a spatial overlay created by a elaborate floral interlacing, the symbolic ornamental lines of the main motif. The sinuous and lively line features every detail and permeates the surface and the absence of symmetry, increasing the feeling of movement and inner vitality. Every golden stem performs a series of curves and, at the same time generates, leaves, buds and more smaller stems in a measured ornamental exuberance.

It’s wanted the contrast between two opposing figurative expressions: the first is an incarnation, through open biomorph lines, recalls the highly evocative elements of the nature rich of empathy; the other is opposed until the abstraction with the elegance of geometric shapes and closed lines, accentuated by the light that penetrates and spreads from the surrounding golden spaces.

The complete set, consisting of five original Harley Davidson pieces, was entirely laminated in gold leaf.

The glossiness of gold is brought here with extreme elegance to the intense colors of bronze, in contrast to the brilliance of mother-of-pearl powder, overlaid in transparency to the noble metal.
The expressive liveliness is underlined by discrete red shapes that characterize and burst, without excess, the elegant monochromatic composition.

To further enrich the pictorial work there is the bas-relief depicting the mythological Medusa. The two sculptural elements are integrated on the tank and on the rear fender, designed and realized with the 3D prototyping technique, stand out thanks to the gloss of the gold leaf, offering aesthetic of great visual impact and enhancing the formal opulence of the artistic work.

vintage baroque vintage baroque vintage baroque vintage baroque


Artistic intervention code : 000291

Art techiques :
Gold leaf, special glass colours, sparkle colours, genuine nacre powder, airbrush.

Intervention details :

background : Full Metal
design : Vintage Baroque 3
extra 1 : ---
extra 2 : no. 2 bas-reliefs 3D
extra 3 : Swarovski Studs - 50 pc.
finish : Glossy finish

Processing time :
40 hours of artistic work on helmet
82 hours of artistic work on tank
136 hours of artistic work on motorbike set (3 pcs.)

Delivery time :
37 working days for one helmet
39 working days for one gastank
57 working days for a motorbike set (3 pcs.)

The delivery times are approximate and they are calculated based on the manufacturing and artistic processes, drying and testing times, and the processing orders currently scheduled.

The Medusa

The Medusa was designed and built using the 3D prototyping technique: our experts, Fabio Dal Molin e Rodolfo De Bernardi of STUDIO DAN, have studied its proportions and dimensions in relation to its application on the Harley Davidson Softail tank.

medusa 3d studiodan unexpected custom


harley davidson medusa custom


Prices and costs

Motorbike parts customizing

Gas tank :3.434

Motorbike's parts 2 pcs. :4.676

Motorbike's parts 3 pcs. :5.609

Motorbike's parts 4 pcs. :6.541

Prices indicate the cost of artistic execution on the parts provided by the customer such as gas tank, rear and front fender, oil tank, etc.


Gas tank + 1 fender = 2 pcs.
Gas tank + 2 fenders = 3 pcs.
Gas tank + 2 fenders + oil tank = 4 pcs.

Custom helmets

Torx Wyatt : 1.810

Biltwell Bonanza : 1.878

DMD Vintage : 1.870

Bell Custom 500 : 1.933

Premier U9 : 1.976

Bell Bullitt : 2.543

The prices indicate the total cost including the helmet by us provided.

For more information about the helmets that which we propose, please visit the page Brand & Models


how to order

Do you want order an artwork executed on your tank or on motorcycle's parts?
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