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custom helmet redskin skull


design worked on Premier U9

Elegant and refined design, made up of floral scrolls and embroidered weaves.

A superimpositions's play that accentuate the three-dimensional effect of the artistic composition.

The distinctive and unique design is enriched by the main subject: a redskin skull.

The illustration created on the back of the helmtet lid features the unmistakable feather headdress worn by the native leaders of America.

The helmet shell is entirely laminated in silver leaf and the artistic execution is made with airbrush and pure mother-of-pearl powder.

The chromatic effect is rich in nuances that include a wide range of light greys to black performed in a finely dashed texture.

The central band, made of mother-of-pearl powder, accentuates the silver brightness of the entire artistic creation with pearly iridescences.

custom helmet redskin skull custom helmet redskin skull custom helmet redskin skull custom helmet redskin skull custom helmet redskin skull custom helmet redskin skull custom helmet redskin skull custom helmet redskin skull custom helmet redskin skull


Artistic intervention code : 000287

Art techiques :
Silver leaf, special pigments, airbrush, pure mother of pearl powder.

Intervention details :

background : Full Metal
design : Flourish Frieze
extra 1 : ---
extra 2 : Illustration
extra 3 : ---
finish : Glossy finish

Processing time :
55 hours of artistic work on helmet
89 hours of artistic work on tank
133 hours of artistic work on motorbike set (3 pcs.)

Delivery time :
36 working days for one helmet
37 working days for one gastank
54 working days for a motorbike set (3 pcs.)

The delivery times are approximate and they are calculated based on the manufacturing and artistic processes, drying and testing times, and the processing orders currently scheduled.


custom helmet germanika


Prices and costs

Custom helmets

Torx Wyatt : 2.218

Biltwell Bonanza : 2.285

DMD Vintage : 2.278

Bell Custom 500 : 2.340

Premier U9 : 2.383

Bell Bullitt : 2.889

The prices indicate the total cost including the helmet by us provided.

For more information about the helmets that which we propose, please visit the page Brand & Models

Motorbike parts customizing

Gas tank :3.504

Motorbike's parts 2 pcs. :4.502

Motorbike's parts 3 pcs. :5.251

Motorbike's parts 4 pcs. :5.999

Prices indicate the cost of artistic execution on the parts provided by the customer such as gas tank, rear and front fender, oil tank, etc.


Gas tank + 1 fender = 2 pcs.
Gas tank + 2 fenders = 3 pcs.
Gas tank + 2 fenders + oil tank = 4 pcs.


how to order

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